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Moving sale - Cheap stuff 50-200 NTD each

#1 by Lidia ( Guest ) , Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:34 pm

Cheap stuff 50-200NTD each
1. Under-table drawer container (Black and pink plastic) 100NTD
2. Container with cover (white plastic, about 90cm long) 100NTD
3. Bathroom curtain IKEA includes adjustable rail (red, white) 150NTD
4. Bathroom racks: plastic, black 50NTD, plastic, pink 80NTD
5. Any purpose shelf (wood, orange) 100NTD
6. Buckets (any) 50NTD
7. Umbrella Holder (Metal, silver) 80NTD
8. Glass coffee table fixed on soft bricks IKEA 200NTD
9. Christmas Tree includes toys 250NTD
10. Sleeping bags (hv 2 pcs) 100NTD each
11. Table lamp with luminescent light 100 NTD.
12. Stationery neg.
13. Table mirrors from 20 NTD.
14. Clothes basket, IKEA, white (2 pieces) 90 NTD each.

Some thing s are available now, some only in the end of July. I live close to NCCU. Contact - or 0981821147


RE: Moving sale - Cheap stuff 50-200 NTD each

#2 by Guest , Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:32 pm


How big is your Christmas tree?

By "toys" do you mean ornaments?



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